A Few Words About Tessella

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Tessella aims at ‘Implementing YOUR Vision’. Delivering cost effective yet innovative website solutions and graphic designs that creates awareness thereby driving the growth of the business.

Tessella started in 2007, contracting work from one very valuable client. Since then our clientele has grown only by referrals. This has been our drive assuring us of our quality of work and affordable costs. Tessella prides itself on being small enough to give each client personal,  individualised attention when building their web initiatives.

Tessella strives to make the complex appear easy, simplifying the technical jargon. Tessella takes the time to really understand the clients needs so that we can offer content and design that can best reflect their business. Whatever the scope of each project we create a solution that is designed  to meet your needs.

Through each stage of development, Tessella focuses on visualising YOUR ideas and implementing them. Our aim is not do ‘business’ as usual, but provide solutions that you’re happy with, and that will keep our relationship going.

Our Process

Acquiring Information

At Tessella, this is the most important stage so we could best 'Implement YOUR Ideas'. We start by hearing you out. We listen and take note of every detail of what you have in mind. Once you feel you've drawn the picture, we then ask the right questions to draw out the information needed to access your requirements.

Finding The Right Package

Once we have the information needed, we then present you with the options available that best suits your requirements and budget. Terminology can be an issue with some venturing into the world wide web for the first time, but Tessella takes the time to explain every detail. There are no hidden costs.

Development Process

After choosing the package you are happy with, Tessella provides you a list containing information you need to provide. For websites, it could mean content and graphics. Tessella advises you at every step in acquiring the information. A time frame is provided and the development process is on the way.

Project Sign Off

Tessella will contact you to review the product at various development stages. The final stage is reached when all features in the project outline provided at the commencement is incorporated. Depending on the product, an instructional session with an overall product review marks the project sign off.

Web-Design & Development

At Tessella, we make Web Design simple and straight forward.

A website is a valuable asset to a business. While maintaining quality and focusing on creativity, innovation, and attention to detail, Tessella works on creating websites that are affordable.

Through the process of development, you will be in touch with the developer and be updated with the status of development at every key stage to make sure that we are working towards your requirements. There are areas of opportunity to make changes to the look and content of the website, avoiding unnecessary delays towards the end of the project. Online chats can be organised using Skype, during the project and also on completion of the website as an instruction session for the operation of the website.

Your website is the first impression your potential customers have of your business.  That first impression is also when your customer will make an opinion and compare your business to your competitor’s.

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