Project Description

Pacific Urethanes Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company specialising in the development and production of Polyurethane Systems for Australian and export markets.

Tessella Solutions was contracted by Pacific Urethanes to run their digital marketing campaigns with Google Ads (PPC). The goal was to generate website traffic, increase visibility and improve online presence.

A Google Ads campaign goal was set up to maximise clicks to the website with the lowest average CPC (Cost Per Click) rate. Ad-Groups were created, and ad content was optimised based on the keywords. Sitelink, location, call-outs and structural snippets were used as extensions to ensure maximum scope.  The campaign was also designed to target specific locations and days. Ongoing data insights from the campaign were translated into website modifications that focused on keywords to ensure optimum landing page experience and Ad Relevance. These in turn resulted in a quality score that delivered a reduced cost per click which then generated more traffic in the budget assigned.

Data received from the Google Ad Campaign and Google Analytics was analyzed and a report was presented with statistical and graphic comparisons of campaigns run over the 12 months. From the data insights, reports were made on the campaign performance, user acquisition, website referrals, search queries, landing page performance, targeted location report, and top 10 performing keywords. Recommendations were then provided for better landing pages and what would be required for better website performance. As a result of applying the recommendations from the data insights, the campaign resulted in 224% more clicks and 185% more users.

The data insights from these reports were translated into recommendations for operational efficiency, website modifications and to streamline subsequent campaigns.

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