Getting Your Branding and Design Working Together!

From the design of your company logo to business cards, flyers and brochures, Tessella’s Branding and Design Solutions can create a consistent look and feel to your brand. Align your email signature, packaging, signage and also your PowerPoint presentations with quality branding.

Tessella Branding and Design Solutions

Logo Design

A logo becomes synonymous with the identity of the company. Your logo becomes a recognition tool for the public to link your services or products to your company. They then expect a certain standard or quality from the company which they interact with. A logo can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of your company, which then promotes the company on a sub-conscious level. Tessella is experienced in developing business and project logos, setting the tone and foundation of your design and branding.

Business Cards

Your business card is a great way to leave a long lasting impression. This small but powerful marketing tool should make you stand out, showcasing your unique identity in a professional way. Your business card design tells your customers you take your business seriously, and they will instantly know why they should choose you over your competitors. Tessella implements YOUR ideas and makes sure your business card has a place in someones wallet; the easiest way to convert people you meet into clients or referrers.

Flyers & Brochures

Whether it is to publicize an event, promote a small business, offer specialised services or create product awareness, a brochure or flyer could do just that. Tessella offers you professionally designed flyer and brochure designs ensuring that the designs are of high quality and consistent with the company’s other promotional products thereby ensuring branding. Tessella’s creative designs gives you value for money and stand as sales tools to promote your brand and speak to the right target audience.

eMail Signatures & Presentations

Whether it is an Email Signature or a Presentation, they are ways to communicate with external audiences. It is crucial then that the design of these portray how you want your audience to visualise your services. Keeping these designs of high quality and consistent with the company’s branding will only convey the idea of a professional business. It also reflects the seriousness of the business, provides pertinent information and more. Once again, Tessella can offer you professional high quality designs at affordable prices.

Client Satisfaction

Vanessa has done so much for my business, from company logo, website design, e-newsletters, brochures, business cards, even my email signature. She is amazing! My latest website upgrade, All Natural Advantage, looks sensational! It’s secure, fast and works on all devices, like it should. Vanessa has always been there to sort out any technical issue from web hosting to my emails. She’s done the lot and I can’t thank her enough. The fact that her clientele has grown via referrals only, speaks volumes of how good her talents are. If you’re thinking of giving her a go, don’t think about it – just do it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

John Pietryka, All Natural Advantage

I take immense pleasure in recommending Tessella Solutions for your website development. Vanessa is a resourceful and dedicated professional. Her attention to detail and ‘Can Do’ attitude is top notch. She gave me all the information I needed to consider for my new website. Being a ship’s captain, I’m ignorant of what is required for a good website. Vanessa took the time to educate me the requirements in layman terms. I am confident that Tessella undertakes any challenge or assignment with the utmost care, resilience delivering successful results

Vanessa has provided us with an excellent service. We could not be happier. As we developed our website we made many changes throughout the entire process. Vanessa patiently guided us through the whole process and met those required changes, time over time.

Rachelle Mortensen, Happy Me Counselling

Design and Brand Excellence


Writing down every idea, drawing every design element, thinking of what you want your business to represent. Find inspiration for a design

Brand Strategy

Work with branding colors and elements to best tell your story. Produce design elements that visually represent your brand.

Design Mockups

Play with colour, typography and style. Compare competition and think of what your target audience would like to see. Perhaps a tagline?

Graphic Design

Creating content to communicate your visual identity. Demonstrating a good understanding of design. Implementing YOUR Vision.

Tessella Branding and Design Solutions