At Tessella we can help you choose the right domain name and hosting service for your website requirements. If you are just starting off and looking for a domain name, we can help you source your domain name and assist you in making the right choice to stand out in your business’ online presence.

Domain Name

A domain name is your website’s address on the world wide web or the internet. It reflects your business brand and is an important step in building a web presence. Finding the right domain name is important for people to find you.

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Hosting Service

The host is a server where your website data will be stored. You sign up for a plan that suits your website requirements and your website images and content will be stored at the host’s data center. A reliable web hosting service plays a key role in optimising a website for performance.

Getting Started With Your Domain Name & Hosting Service

Domain Name and Hosting Services

Choosing A Domain Name

Choose a domain name that relates to your business and that is something easy for your users to remember. Remember to use the keywords that best reflects your website. Make it short and easy. Reflect a brand, not something generic. Contact Tessella and we could help you choose a suitable domain name for your business and check its availability.

Reliable Hosting

You will need a reliable hosting to build a reliable website. The hosting is a service where all your website files will be stored. The type of hosting you need will depend on what you require from your website. The size of the hosting storage will be based on what you intend to feature on your website. For example, a photography website that features many images and videos would require a larger storage capacity. To develop a website with a Content Management System, you will need hosting that comes packaged with at least one database. At Tessella, we can help you choose the right hosting package for your website.

Getting Started On Your Website

With a domain name and a hosting plan sorted, you can get started with planning your website.  Contact us for more information on how to get started on content and best practices. Shouldn’t be too long before your business is up and running online. See how we can help with your website design and development.