eMail Marketing (eDM) – Effective Marketing Strategy

Communication can play a big role in promoting your services and maintaining your clientele. Regular email contact can help your business connect with your clients, keeping them updated with the latest. Your business stays at the top of their mind.

eNewsletters are cost-effective and affordable, client-targeted and personal. They are professionally designed for the greatest impact, enhancing your company’s identity and creating cost-effective sales opportunities. A great solution for marketing campaigns.

Tessella Design Solutions works with you in integrating email newsletters to promote your business. Tessella designs responsive email templates and can also arrange to send them out to your client database.

Tessella Digital Marketing and Design - eMail Marketing Campaign

Getting Started With Your eMail Marketing Campaign

Getting Started With Your eMail Marketing Campaign

Build Your eMail Marketing List

Use your existing client list or update your list by linking it to a website subscription form. A caption or text giving the user an incentive to sign up. Something that can get your user interested in receiving your emails. Have a specific call to action.

Effective eMail Content

Since most people access their emails on mobile devices, your email content needs to be responsive to any device. Make sure you meet the expectations of your recipients with the information provided. Use a strong call to action this is highlighted in your email to promote follow-up.

Analyze Performance

Analytics available from the eMail Marketing service provider can help with open and click-through rates. You can also use the analysis data to see user-trend, the specific information they click on and also work on bounced emails. Use your performance indicators as strategies for your next eMail Marketing campaign.

Customer Retention

eMail marketing is a cost effective way that help improve customer retention. Being in constant contact with your customers you are able to build relationships. eMails are personal and trackable. Analyze what your customer is interested in and target those avenues. Send friendly reminders, promotions, request feedback, customise gifts and special occasion messages. Develop a one-on-one relationship and add value to your customers.

eMail Marketing Campaigns - Increased Website Traffic

Improve Brand Awareness

eMail marketing is an effective strategy to improve brand awareness by increasing long term contact with the business. By using consistency in your emails with font, colours, appropriate use of your logo, emails can be used to reinforce brand recognition. This coupled with clearly displaying company details and an appropriate business layout, makes your customers familiar with your brand.